Our Story

It all started 35 years ago in a small town in Mexico.  One family from Phoenix Arizona saw a need for a home for abandoned children. Connections were made, money was raised and an orphanage called Casa de Elizabet was born.  Through the years, Proyecto Compasión which is now Care Connection Global Resources www.careconnectionglobalresources.org  has supported several thousand homeless children by providing shelter, food, clothes, medical attention and education. 

Today, CCGR is joining hands with the NANA Centro De Sueños (The Dream Center) www.nanaministry.org  who rescue, restore and reunite children with their families in Nogales Sonora, Mexico. Joy Coffee was born out of a desire to help young people aging out of an orphanage or otherwise struggling with a lack of support to find a trade and a community. Joy coffee is a social enterprise geared towards being a sustainable business - and at the same time its primary bottom line is to share the love of God with those in need. 

A lack of education and employment are the biggest barriers that young people face in aging out of an orphanage or moving away from the streets. Joy Coffee aims to stand in that gap. 

Joy Coffee is located in one of the toughest parts of town in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, just steps away from the US border.  


100% of all profits are returned to the business and to the furtherance of the overall mission. Join us…. 

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