We Believe...

We believe…

We believe in People

It’s about coffee, but it isn't JUST about coffee – it's about people. Every day, people meet over coffee to discuss business, decide their weekend plans, or to catch up with old friends. Every day, coffee shops are utilized as community spaces to engage with the local culture. 

We believe in Fair trade

All our coffees at Joy are 100% Mexican Organic. We buy direct from the growers in Chiapas, and Veracruz Mexico & roast it ourselves in our state of the art roaster. No middle-man. We boast that our coffee is "more-than-fair-trade". Delicious arabica green coffee beans are delivered to us and roasted in small batches several times a week. Our coffee is imported to the USA before being shipped to our dear customers via USPS priority mail. 

We believe in Equity

All of our employees receive a living wage and supportive benefits which are rare in this part of the world.  Treated with dignity and respect, we believe all will show up at their highest and best.

We believe in Empowerment

Our employees are immersed in an extensive training program that goes beyond working in a coffee shop.  Many of our young people have never had a real home or parenting.  Our staff walks alongside them mentoring and giving them tools for life that will open up a whole new world.  

Future plans include creating a scholarship fund to create opportunities and options for a brighter future in whatever path they choose.

Most of all...

We believe in Love

“Joy is prayer; Joy is strength; Joy is Love; Joy is a net of Love by which you can catch souls.”  Mother Teresa of Calcutta